Jordan jerking off at gym – JordanxBrandt

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6 hours ago
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1 week ago
Retweet if you want my fireworks to explode all over your face 🧨💦

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JordanxBrandt photo
2 weeks ago
My mentor @BrandtsBoys offered to let me throat fuck him as a reward for my progress. Retweet if I should post the part where my cock’s ramming the back of his throat & my balls are slapping against his chin 😈

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3 weeks ago
I bet you wish you could see this from a different angle 😈 Luckily I setup a 2nd camera that was straight on with the shot 💦 You can watch the other angle on I’ll also DM the full video to 5 random people who like & retweet!
4 weeks ago
When you free ball to the mall, start trying on clothes & then the fabric feels too good 🤫

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1 month ago
RT if you think I should give @brandtsboysnash the privilege of being the first dude to suck my cock 😈

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