Jordan fucks Kyle while Troy watches and jerks off – JordanxBrandt – KylexBrandt – TroyxBrandt

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Why is Troy in any video? I fail to see his appeal, and most often just sits around, doing very little. Ugh…


It’s mainly because they’re trying to build up hype around the straight persona until he does start fucking ( which I think he just did last night… but he wore a VR headset so they can milk the idea of him fucking for real in the future)


He doesnt appeal to you, but does to others. Its part of watching porn. No star will appeal to everyone.


Oh Tony, few things are sadder than seeing a person speak condescendingly to another when they’re the one in need of enlightenment. “He doesn’t appeal to you, but does to others…No star will appeal to everyone.” 😯… 😲… 🤯 REALLY?! Tell us more, Sandy! Treymore’s asking that since Troy scarcely engages the others and appears barely interested in gay sex, what’s his appeal to those that like him? He wanted to know your specific reasons, but instead got you… explaining the concept of individual preference as if he was the moron, not you. Treymore has a point, Troy is too… Read more »


This is the most sad reply I’ve ever seen. Pathetic and petty


Let’s reread both comments and see which one is actually condescending you toxic flame


His reply: you may not like him but others do(nice simple and true) Your reply: you’re so condescending! hes asking for a very good reason because I agree with him and don’t understand why he’s there either. We demand your reasons for liking him. Instead you give a nice simple true reply.. how dare you. I’m so much smarter and better than you even though my reply has NO substance. You guys don’t want to know specific reasons you lying sack of trash. You make it very clear what your opinion about Troy is, stating it’d be better if he… Read more »


Everything I wrote is succinct and my argument stands. Yours is littered with insults because that’s all you have to offer in rebuttal. I didn’t bother deciphering the piss poor grammar in the long run-off sentences in your third reply, sadly. This disagreement didn’t require all of that vitriol, do better.

Ethan Winston

Nice Thks 4 Post Would Love To See The Three Of Them Take a Soapy Shower Together


Is it me or does Troy look like a teenager?


He’s 19-20 according to them, which you can definitely notice


I think that’s why Troy appeals the least to me. He doesn’t have a young body type, just a young face ( and a very goofy looking one at that)


How much longer do you think it’ll take before Jordan finally gets fucked? They’re really stretching this out, I’m starting to lose interest.

He may not ever bottom on screen actually- remember Cody Cummings? He teased forever and even make fake sex videos but never actually bottomed in anything. Made out like a bandit money-wise too.