Jordan eats Nash’s ass – JordanxBrandt – BrandtandNash

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Who taught Jordan how to eat ass? He needs to suck on that hole! He needs to open it and stick his tongue inside. My question is when is he gonna get his ass eaten? When is he gonna bottom raw and take someone’s load inside him? I’m sure its just a matter of time.


Thanks for the video.
Please, we need more videos of him!
I’m obsessed with Jordan ?

Ethan Winston

I Totally Agree With Jesse… Jordan Has Done It All But Get Rimmed and Fcked


I wanna see him get his ass eaten good and then topped and bred by a big thick cock! I know its only a matter of time, because ppl are gonna get bored with him repeating the same old stuff. We all know once he gets his ass eaten and bottoms there will be no turning back. He’s gonna love it…


I dunno why people are obsessed with Jordan.. mostly on twitter. he seems like a regular muscle dude. I prefer videos with brandt and Nash


he’s more of a straight person.. doing gay stuff, that’s exciting! and he’s hot too (;

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He ain’t straight.


We needed to see Jordan’s tongue probing Nash’s hole when he was on his back.