Josh Brady (JoshBradyXXX) and Joe DeMatteo fuck Alex Grant

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Dude, these goddamn scenarios…

Alex be like:
“What do you mean I have to bottom?”
*Takes off pants*

“I didn’t agree to this.”
*Gets on all-fours*

“This isn’t fair, guys.”
*Wiggles arse in the air.*

LOL. Maybe skip the acting next time?


Just enjoy the ride, babe.

daddy jason

at first I thought Alex was being a bit disingenuous (“do I have to take both your loads?”), after having seen his other videos (“I love being bred!”), but he cums around well enough! my favorite pig.


Yeah and I hope we see a lot more of sexy Alex being the cum dump slut he loves to be! He has so much potential and I’m sure there are many hung guys, especially Daddies, who’d love to fuck that insatiable ass of his and breed him. Would love to see Alex getting gang banged…and nothing pretentious, staged or scripted! Just natural, hard fucking, raw action. ;P

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Loved watching Joe topping ! He sure knows how to deal with that role !!